Welcome to Children of the King

• Children of the King Academy is a non-profit, equal opportunity, non-discriminating Christian organization.

• Beginning in 1995, Children of the King Academy has had a long-standing relationship with the community. Former students are now bringing their children.

• Our purpose is to maximize the academic and personal potential of each child, to recognize and develop their individuality, and to instill Christian character and values.

• All our programs stress a workable atmosphere of courtesy, respect and cooperation with others, and work toward the goal of developing a child’s natural love for learning.

• We provide your child with the comforts of home-like care while introducing them to activities in which they can succeed and feel good about themselves.

• Your child’s day will be filled with learning through language, arts and crafts, music, and large motor activities. There is always plenty of time for free-play and social interaction.