Thank you for taking such good care of my son. He told us how sweet and gentle you are. My son is having such a good year, and we are so impressed with your staff. We are already seeing his success in recognizing sounds and reading words. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place for him to be! Thank you for everything.

- Karen L.

Thank you for all you have done for our children and our whole family. Your pursuit of excellence in every area, your flexibility to accommodate the needs of our family, and your patient and available spirit are all such blessings to us.

- Katinka and Vincent R.

We feel very satisfied and grateful that all three of our children have been able to attend Children of the King Academy. They all received a solid Christian foundation and introduction to learning, and they all left with optimism and confidence in their abilities – what parent could ask for more?

- Rich and Debbie S.

The past 6 months since our son started attending Children of the King have brought both our son and us so many blessings. He has blossomed under the tender loving care of you and your amazing staff. We cannot possibly express our true gratitude. Thank you for your hard work in running such a remarkable school as well as your kindness, compassion and warmth.

- Sheba and Jerry D.

Thank you so much for a truly phenomenal experience at COTK. You and your staff are so gentle and loving. You made Liam’s first school experience one we will never forget!

- Jenn C.

Our daughter has grown so much under your care, and we know she is well prepared at the end of this summer to spread her little wings and fly into Kindergarten!

- Larissa

Children of the King is a wonderful school with caring teachers. Our son loves everyone there & we will miss ringing the morning bell. We are so blessed that he started his education with your school.

- Grant & Christine

Children of the King Academy was the perfect place for our son to begin his journey into schooling. The teachers and staff have been gentle and supportive, while still fostering an appropriate level of independence. He has developed an appreciation for friendship and learning, as well as Christian values.

- Melissa