Our 2-year old Nursery Program consists of a wonderful day of learning, developing and exploring. We strive for a nurturing environment, yet encourage our children to increase their independence through creativity and exploration.

Our day begins with independent morning play and crafts made daily in small groups. We have circle time which presents a wonderful opportunity for children to develop responsibility and learning through music and song. Children get daily exercise through outdoor playground time, indoor tumbling, music marching, and interactive songs. We offer a unique learning time through the use of games, shapes, colors, music and reading books. Our classroom library changes monthly to fit the seasons and/or lessons being taught (caring, sharing, etc.)

We have an ideal classroom size of ten children or less, with two teachers to guide children through their day. We believe that a lower child/teacher ratio benefits the children so they are not easily overwhelmed in a large group. This also allows more individual attention to be given to each child. Our classroom is set up with learning centers such as: blocks, arts and crafts, a reading nook, transportation, dramatic play and music. Our classroom is a special place for your child to grow and learn, all while feeling confident, comfortable and loved.

We encourage parents to have direct contact with our teachers, and we work closely with our parents to facilitate their children’s needs. Because many of our children have a full day with us at school, it is our goal to lovingly nurture them along their day. While we stay on a schedule, we do let the children guide us to explore their interests as their day progresses. They come in every morning eager to learn, and they enjoy being in our classroom and playing with their friends. Being part of the Nursery Program and working with this age group is truly the best way to spend one’s day!

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